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Slider What Is It?

Our Saturday Starz club is open to all children, both with and without disabilities, and runs week every Saturday at Vīsāvadar Matson Redwell Centre, from  where can i buy gabapentin online 11am-3pm. Due to our Saturday Starz group becoming so popular and growing too big for us to guarantee the levels of care that we strive to deliver, we now run 2 groups on alternate Saturdays – groups are defined by age.
Saturday Starz is a great place to come and make new friends, build your confidence – it’s also a fun and friendly environment for everyone and a respite opportunity for parents and carers.

What Do We Get Up To?

We’re always doing new and exciting things, some of which include:

    • Sports (Both Indoor & Outdoor)
    • Cookery
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Competitions & Games
    • Films & Gaming
  • Day Trips

All sessions are run from the Redwell Centre in Matson. Please visit our Where To Find Us Page for more information.

Our Groups

Due to demand, we have split our groups into two age ranges which run on opposite weekends:

  • 5-12 Years Old*
  • 12-18 Years Old

*Due to OFSTED regulations, 8-12 year olds can attend our group all day, however 5-7 year olds can attend any 5-12 group day for any 2 hours. This can be consecutive or split across the day (e.g. One hour in the morning and one hour later in the afternoon)



Under 8’s

  • Independent – £7.50 Per Session
  • 1:1 Support – £20.90 + £7.50 Session Cost [Total: £28.40]
  • 1:1 Support with PBS Plan – £30 + £7.50 Session Cost [Total: £37.50]

Over 8’s

  • Independent – £15 Per Session
  • 1:1 Support – £41.80 + £15 Session Cost [Total: £56.80]
  • 1:1 Support with PBS Plan – £60 + £15 Session Cost [Total: £75]
  • All sessions run 11:00am-3:00pm on Saturdays.
  • Please Contact Us for information regarding which specific dates to attend.
  • All Children must bring their own food/lunch as sessions are not catered for.

How Can I Join?

Simply come along to one of our sessions and we’ll be happy to get you settled in! Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page and get in touch for more information. If you feel it would help in any way, we provide an ‘About Me’ document to help us better understand any additional needs.