UDO Street Dance British Championships 2016

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

After an amazing weekend of performances, huge congratulations go out to Dynamix who came in 2nd in the whole of the UK, at the British Championships in Brean Sands.
The group have now qualified for the Six Nations Championships, European Championships in Germany and WORLD Championships!
There were also some fantastic results in the Solo & Duo performances as well:

  • Shiayna Brown 3rd place
  • Denni Lee 6th place
  • Charlotte Saysell 7th place
  • Sharea McKay 8th place
  • Brodie Bayliss 10th place
  • Shianya & Kelsey-Jai Fowke 3rd place

See The Videos HERE! See The Photos HERE!


UDO Worlds Certificate [Small]

UDO Six Nations Certificate [Small]UDO European Certificate [Small]